Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Period Two--AWNM--Empathy


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  1. I agree with everyone here that being empathetic is a good and a bad thing. While being empathetic can be bad because other people's emotions can negatively affect you, the pros of making lifelong friends and being able to understand people greatly outweigh the cons. December 13 has definitely made people our school more empathetic, but people around who did not experience it but try to empathize with us don't understand. It is extremely hard to be empathetic in situations like that unless you have experienced it yourself. It is harder for empathetic people to make harsh decisions though. Empathy is a major trait a good leader would need, but they would have to know how to control that trait to be able to lead and work for the common good. I believe that technology will never be able to reach the understanding of each other like humans can. Computers cannot think for themselves, and if they could think for themselves and do everything humans could do then there would be no need for humans anyways. Saying that one gender is more empathetic than the other gender is wrong though, because being empathetic is not something you get from your gender, its what you get from your upbringing and how much you care about others.